At International Auto Wholesalers we understand that in many occasions, buying a car can be more than a luxury, a necessity.

Additionally, many people still have options to purchase a car despite past credit score problems.

Here are some tips that can help you know what you can do to collect a car in Alabama or somewhere else with bad credit:

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1. Don’t just assume that your credit is bad to buy a car

You may be thinking you have bad credit but it really may not be. Your "bad credit" does not apply equally to all credits, products, or all lenders. Lenders have different credit conditions and different considerations for granting credits. So your "bad credit" may not be as bad as you think it is.

We recommend that before thinking that you cannot buy, if you really have the need or simply want to buy a car, talk to a dealer who can advise you, and you can know the real options you have to buy.

2. Think about buy a used car

A used car, still in excellent condition, short usage time and few miles, costs much less than a new car. That doesn't mean you will have a bad car. You can get cars in excellent condition, comfortable, spacious or luxury and even with good guarantees or extended guarantees. You just have to start searching and we are sure that you will find the car that can satisfy your need.

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3. Think about make a bigger down payment.

The problem with having bad credit is that the loan amount may be less. This does not mean that you cannot obtain any credit, but that the amount that you can obtain of credit is not the same. In many occasions, you will simply have to offer a higher down payment and your credit will be easier to get.

4. Sometimes a shorter loan period is better

When you make longer loans you can have lower monthly payments, but you will also have to see the interest rate.

Interest rates are generally lower on short-term loans compared to longer loans. So even if your monthly payment is higher, you will really end up paying less for your car if you opt for a shorter credit.

Also, if you obtain a short credit and fulfill it normally, you will be able to improve your credit score.

5. Seek the help of an expert

At International Auto Wholesalers we like to help most people have the car of their dreams, even with bad credit. If you still have doubts, you can talk to us and we can advise you so that you can be sure of what car or how you can access a credit for the purchase of your car.

Remember that you can contact us to help you get your car even with bad credit

Call us at 205-426-6260 or write us in Messenger at this link

We are sure that many of the people who believe that they cannot buy, can really do it. Don't be discouraged! Talk to one of our advisors and get the answer you need.

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